Leading Thought


We consult and create awesome, personality-driven marketing for SMEs that sets them apart from the competition, enhances their brand and strengthens their ability for long term growth.
Marketing that inspires your business to…


Be Challenging

Jump off the marketing treadmill.

The way it’s always been done is no excuse. It’s time to question assumptions around existing methods and really explore what matters in the heads of your customers. That’s when you create real desire.

Leading Thought
Leading Thought

Be Hungry

Have the appetite for new marketing approaches.

Marketing is not an outsourced activity; it should live and breathe as part of your business makeup. We are on the pulse of new ideas, approaches, and technologies so that you stay at the forefront of your marketplace.


Be Disruptive

Stand out from the noise of everyday marketing.

Marketing is not about making things look pretty or sounding sexy. It’s about pressing the right buttons to make people react in the right way. We combine purpose with personality to create communications that are truly outstanding.


Leading Thought
Leading Thought

Be Courageous

Be brave, be original, be you.

Being different is not easy. First you must really understand your true purpose and the value you deliver. With the belief in what you stand for, you never need weaken your brand with run-of-the-mill approaches.


Be Committed

Fight through the gimmicks and punch above your weight.

We are more than just marketers and designers. We come with science and business backgrounds and have experienced it all. We know what works and what wows and ensure you achieve sustainable growth.


Leading Thought
Leading Thought

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We’ve worked with a range of clients from different sectors.


















Producing marketing that sets them apart from their competitors.


















With a collaborative approach that’s been a huge success.



“A clear understanding of what we truly want to achieve from a brand/marketing perspective.”

Zbiggy Ucinek, Gang of 4 Productions



“Leading Thought re-energised my passion for marketing my business. Even though I consider myself a creative person, it opened up a whole new array of ideas that could help my business grow.”

Betty Adamou, Research Through Gaming



“Leading Thought enabled me to take the ideas I had in my mind to be brought to life and take on a fresh and relevant feel.”

Gordon Petrie, Neetrix



Think you’ve got what it takes to lead the competition?